How To Increase Body Height

How To Increase Body Height | For woman, beside know how to make long hair, woman also know how to make body be height. Because the height will effected to beautiful. Body height is effected by growth hormones. Growth hormones working for organize the growing of hard bone tissue and cartilage. In program improvement body height, through a special method, the pituitary gland activity can be enhanced so as to produce more growth hormone.

Well, below i will tell you many ways or many exercise for getting height body, All ways below include to category of exercises induced growth hormone (EIGH), or exercises that stimulate growth hormone, among others are:

1. Stretching
Stretching movements will make the bone-lengthening spine interested. If done regularly and intensively, the movement can help to stimulate the addition of the length of the spine.

2. Hang
Dependent with both hands will stimulate the elongation of the bones of the back, especially in adolescents is still in its infancy. When the dependent with both hands, attracted by the gravity of the body down and hand the weight of the body, causing stress on your back.

3. Kick
This movement stimulates the growth of leg bones, so that an optimal length. In its infancy, the movement is quite effective. In fact, at the age of consent is still able to increase the movement of a leg length but not much. Tekwondo athletes generally have relatively long legs for kicking practice regularly and intensively. In adulthood, when growth has stalled, the length of the leg bone is formed of cartilage, not bone hard.

4. Bicycle
The correct cycling movement can stimulate the length of the legs, feet flat on the pedal, do not tiptoe. Back straight, and the pedaling motion conducted in stable and constant.

5. Swim
Movements in the pool can stimulate the growth of the body in an optimal, because the whole body, from head to toe stretch. Swimming motions involve almost all the muscles of the body, requires a lot of energy, and cause a lot of lactic acid. Getting a lot of energy and lactic acid are removed, the body release more growth hormone.

6. Basketball/Volleyball
Movement basketball / volleyball very well stimulate growth significantly because the body often stepping up the fight against gravity and cause stretching the whole body. This exercise also releases a lot of energy and lactic acid that spurred the growth hormone.

May be, here before about How to Increase Body Height, may this article be useful to all, other important article is about heart maintaining, Let get healthy heart simple-ways-of-maintaining-healthy heart
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